UPS zero-emissions truck
UPS zero-emissions truck. Click image to enlarge

London, England – UPS has ordered twelve electric vehicles from Modec, the British manufacturer of the world’s first purpose-built, electric-powered zero-emission van. UPS will introduce six of the vehicles into its U.K. fleet in February of 2009, including a vehicle it is currently testing; the remaining six will operate in Germany.

Modec said the vehicles are the first of their kind to use modern, high-energy batteries to meet the medium-range, high-performance requirements of urban delivery vehicles.

The order follows a successful nine-month trial earlier this year, where the test vehicle averaged 29 km per day with a battery consumption of 25 per cent of full charge per day, during the course of its operations in Northwest, East and Central London. Each vehicle can undertake 160 km on one overnight charge. Because it is an electric vehicle, it requires no road tax and is not subject to London’s congestion charge.

“This order represents an important step towards making our fleet and operations more sustainable in the U.K.,” said Jim Barber, Managing Director, UPS UK & Ireland. “At UPS, we have an ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, and we are continually assessing how to make the best use of alternatively fuelled vehicles on a global level.”

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