Stockton, California – Delivery company UPS is purchasing 100 fully electric vehicles for several of its locations in California. The trucks, built by Electric Vehicles International (EVI), represent the largest deployment of zero-emission delivery vehicles in California, and one of the largest of commercial all-electric vehicles worldwide.

UPS and EVI have been working for over two years on the project, including a successful 90-day demonstration carried out in the fall of 2010. The walk-in delivery trucks, each with a range of 145 km on a charge, will be placed in service. The company estimates they will eliminate 126,000 gallons (476,961 litres) of fuel annually.

“Today’s announcement of the deployment of 100 all-electric delivery vehicles introduces the cleanest, most efficient electric vehicles to our fleet, allowing us to continue to improve the environments we operate in and reduce our dependence on imported energy,” said Mike Britt, director of maintenance and engineering for UPS. “EVI’s vehicles met our requirements in the test phase. Now we will operate these vehicles in the real world and help establish the future viability of this technology.”

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