New York, New York – The University of Toronto has partnered with Sendyne Corporation, a U.S.-based semiconductor developer, for research to develop systems and electronics for large-scale battery storage for electric vehicles and utility-scale battery packs.

The high cost-to-performance ratio of today’s battery systems impedes their widespread adoption. The research project will apply technology and implement silicon designs to significantly improve the cost and performance of such systems.

Sendyne will provide its patented technology, as well as access to intellectual property, development tools and scientific expertise. The university, ranked among the top research universities worldwide, has developed significant technology on power supplies and power management systems, which will be used for the project. The team will be led by Professor Aleksandar Prodic, from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Toronto and the founder of the Laboratory for Power Management and Integrated SMPS, where the development will take place.

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