Swindon, England – The U.K. has announced a new £200 million investment program, jointly funded by government and business, intended to help speed up the introduction of new low-carbon vehicles onto Britain’s road. The Low Carbon Vehicle Integrated Delivery Programme will coordinate the U.K.’s low-carbon vehicle activity from initial strategic research through collaborative research and development, leading to the production of demonstration vehicles.

“The program is a major step towards securing the long-term future of the British car industry – the people who work in it and the places whose wider economies hinge on attracting international R&D and proving their capacity to add value,” said John Denham, Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills. “And it underlines government’s determination that U.K. industry should achieve a large stake in the emerging green collar sector.”

A key goal of the program, which will begin funding in April 2009, is to integrate university and industry research and development activity in order to accelerate more radical approaches to decarbonizing road vehicles. The program is the second major initiative of the Low Carbon Vehicle Innovation Platform, announced last May, which covers technology areas such as hybrids, lightweighting, energy storage, hydrogen fuel cells, aerodynamics and engine efficiency.



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