June 14, 2007

UK-based company to market amphibious vehicles in North America

Gibbs Technologies' Aquada
Gibbs Technologies’ Aquada. Click image to enlarge

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Detroit, Michigan – UK-based Gibbs Technologies has announced it is forming three new companies to produce and market a broad range of amphibious vehicles in North America. Two production-ready vehicles planned for introduction in the U.S. in 2009 were displayed at a news conference yesterday.

The Quadski, an all-terrain vehicle, will be manufactured and sold by Gibbs Sports Amphibians, while the Aquada, a vehicle that combines the handling of a sports car with the ability to travel at more than 48 km/h on water, will be produced and marketed by Gibbs Amphibians. A third company will develop high-speed amphibians for military use under an agreement with Lockheed Martin.

The company is currently considering locations for technical centres, sales offices and manufacturing plants in several states, including Georgia, Virginia, Michigan and Texas. A fleet of ten Aquadas is currently undergoing tests in southeastern Michigan. In 2004, a Gibbs prototype HAS crossed the English Channel in a record-setting time of less than two hours; during tests in Europe and North America, prototype amphibians have travelled at speeds of more than 177 km/h on land, and 72 km/hr on water. Both the Quadski and the Aquada can transform from land-to-water or water-to-land in five seconds.

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