August 29, 2002

Detachable hard drive can be used as car jukebox

Santa Clara, California – A California company has unveiled its latest hard disk-based music server solution, the PD Hercules Car Jukebox. The Jukebox comes with a standard 20 Gbyte trunk mountable hard drive and a sleek navigation unit. It will play about 300 hours of music, or roughly 5000 songs.

“Now you can drive from San Francisco to New York for 6 times without repeating the same song,” said Dr. Jack Lau, CEO of Perception Digital. “What’s more is that the detachable hard drive can be used as an auxiliary music server at home.”

The unit also comes with a very unique feature that allows users to convert any audio source – driver’s voice, radio station program, car CD music – into MP3. This encoding technology enables a driver, for instance, to easily record thousands of voice memos on the road, and then to email them back to colleagues and friends at home and in the office.

The PD Hercules was recently voted “Best Buy” by Wired Magazine. Its manufacturers suggested retail price is U.S.$399. More informataion can be found at

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