Detroit, Michigan – The United Auto Workers Union (UAW) has ratified its agreement with Chrysler, with all three domestic automaker contracts now confirmed.

The final voting was 68.8 per cent of salaried workers voting for the contract, but only 44.4 per cent of skilled trades. The final vote of 54.7 total hourly workers passed the ratification vote.

Due to the majority vote against the contract by skilled trades members, the UAW investigated the reasons under the union’s constitution but determined that the reasons were predominantly economic and not unique to skilled trades members. Accordingly, the agreements were declared ratified under the UAW constitution.

“With this agreement, we have made significant progress in times of economic uncertainty,” said UAW vice-president General Holiefield. “We were able to make headway in bridging the gap between the new hire pay and that of the existing workforce, return some of the benefits that members previously gave up to help the company survive, and win new jobs and investment in UAW plants. It’s not everything our members deserve, but we did the best we could in these uncertain times and negotiated an agreement that will ensure Chrysler’s viability so that we can share in its economic success once it has regained financial stability.”

The agreement adds new 2,100 new UAW jobs and US$4.5 billion in investments to produce new and upgraded vehicles and components by 2015.

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