November 5, 2007

U.S. Secretary of Transportation announces federal motorcycle safety initiative

Washington, D.C. – Mary E. Peters, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, has announced a comprehensive new U.S. federal initiative to improve motorcycle safety. The initiative includes more rider education and training, tougher standards for helmet certification labelling, law enforcement training, and road designs that consider motorcycle dynamics.

Peters, an avid motorcyclist, also released a television public service announcement (PSA) where she credits her riding gear for saving her life during a motorcycle crash. In 2005, she suffered a broken collarbone after a crash on a two-lane highway in Arizona.

The program will create new national safety and training standards for novice riders, curb counterfeit helmet labelling so that consumers can be certain they are buying DOT-certified helmets, place new focus on motorcycle-specific road improvements, and provide training to law enforcement officers on how to spot unsafe motorcycles. The plan will also include a broad public awareness campaign, including the PSA, on safe riding techniques.

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