Washington , D.C. – Reported U.S. sales of hybrids Das Ultimative Las Vegas E-book in October 2009 rose by 11.4 per cent over October 2008, capturing a 2.9 per cent share of all new vehicle sales for the month, according to the Green Car Congress.

Overall light-duty vehicle sales were essentially flat in October, with 838,052 units sold, compared to 838,156 units in October 2008. Hybrid sales for October 2009 were 24,475 units.

Toyota posted sales of 18,757 hybrids, a 15 per cent increase from October 2008, and representing 12.3 per cent of all sales in October. The Prius led all models, with 13,496 units sold, up 14.3 per cent. Other models were the Camry Hybrid, at 1,407 units, down 49.6 per cent; Highlander Hybrid, at 700 units, down 31.5 per cent; RX Hybrid at 1,567 units, up 154.8 per cent; GS Hybrid at 39 units, up 77.3 per cent; and LS Hybrid at 21 units, down 61.8 per cent.  The new HS Hybrid sold 1,527 units.

Ford sold 2,282 hybrid units in October, a 14.3 increase from October 2008. The Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrids sold 949 units, down 52.5 per cent. The Fusion and Milan hybrid sedans sold 1,333 units, representing 8.9 per cent of total Fusion and Milan sales.

Honda reported sales of 1,978 hybrids in October, up 21.9 per cent year-on-year. Total sales were down 0.4 per cent. The Civic Hybrid dropped 85.3 per cent from October 2008, with 239 sold. The new Insight sold 1,739 units.

General Motors reported a total of 1,159 hybrids in October, a drop of 22.5 per cent from October 2008. Total GM light-duty vehicle sales rose 4.7 per cent, to 176,632 units.

Nissan posted sales of 299 Altima Hybrids, a 46 per cent drop, representing two per cent of all Altimas sold. The hybrid version is only available in eight states.

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