October 5, 2005

U.S. hybrid sales drop from August levels

Dearborn, Michigan – Sales of hybrid vehicles in the U.S. dropped from 23,307 units in August 2005 to 19,180 in September 2005. Toyota was the overall leader with 68 per cent of all hybrid sales, but all three Toyota hybrids, the Prius, Highlander Hybrid and RX 400h, were down.

Sales of the Honda Civic Hybrid dropped from 4,146 in August to 1,916 in September, probably because a new 2006 Civic Hybrid is coming in October, while the Insight maintained steady sales at 83 units.

Two hybrid vehicles recorded their best months to date: the Ford Escape Hybrid sold 1,808 units, while the Honda Accord Hybrid sold 2,352, an increase of 16 units from August.

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