Hillsborough, New Jersey – A U.S.-based company has produced its first sample of renewable “drop-in” gasoline – one that can be added to standard fuel formulas and used directly without engine modification – from biomass.

Primus Green Energy said that its fuel is made through a proprietary technology that transforms herbaceous and woody biomass, in conjunction with natural gas, into high-octane gasoline, and is virtually indistinguishable from gasoline produced from fossil fuels.

The gasoline has an octane level of 93 and a lower benzene level than gasoline produced from petroleum. Primus Green Energy has produced fuel samples from a test plant, recently broken ground on an automated demonstration plant, and is planning to break ground next year on a commercial plant in eastern Pennsylvania that will be designed to produce 4.8 million gallons of gasoline per year from wood pellets and non-food crops.

On a commercial scale, the company estimates that the gasoline will be cost-competitive with crude oil at approximately $60 per barrel.

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