December 5, 2007

U.S. fast-lube industry association warns of false warranty stickers on some Chrysler vehicles in Ontario

Dallas, Texas – The Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) reports that it has investigated incorrect warranty-related notices on some Chrysler vehicles in Canada and believes they may have been placed on the vehicles by a dealer.

The notices, found printed under the hood of several Chrysler vehicles in Ontario, warn that “DaimlerChrysler Canada reserves the right to deny warranty coverage if not all of the recommended scheduled maintenance is completed and performed using only genuine Mopar parts and lubricants.”

AOCA reports that Chrysler Canada said it was not familiar with the notice and had no knowledge of it, and that the contents are not attributable to Chrysler Canada Inc. in any way. The AOCA believes that the stickers may have been produced and attached to the vehicles by a local dealer.

Vehicle owners whose cars are under warranty will not violate their warranty by having their oil changes performed by someone other than the dealer. Fast-lube operators in Canada who are members of AOCA have been provided with a copy of the written response from Chrysler Canada.

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