July 11, 2003

U.S. company introduces new dog trailers for hunters

Edwardsburg, Michigan – The Avenger Corporation has introduced a new line of dog trailers and truck toppers designed especially for hunters and dog handlers.

“Our new Outfitter series of products have been specially engineered for easy towing to transport dogs with today’s half-ton pickups and SUVs,” said Rex A. McKay, president and COO of Avenger Corporation. “This new line of dog transporters for hunters and canine enthusiasts of every type is a unique departure from the traditional dog trailers of today. From the four-wide series of Outfitter trailers designed with the needs of highly mobile upland and Great Plains bird hunters in mind, to the six-wide Outfitters designed with loads of storage space for decoys or even ramp doors for ATVs, a well thought-out list of options allow each owner to customize an Outfitter to exactly meet their needs.”

Four-wide Outfitters are available in six-foot models with four kennels – one curbside, one roadside and two in the rear of the trailer. The six-wide series of Outfitter trailers are available in eight distinct models: two ten-foot two-dog models, one with slide out gun storage; three four-dog models, one standard ten-foot model, a ten-foot model with slide-out gun storage, and a 12-foot model with ATV storage; and three six dog models, one standard ten-foot model, a ten foot model with slide-out gun storage, and a 14 foot model with ATV storage.

New dog truck toppers are available in six models – three designed for short bed pickups and three designed for long beds. Short bed pick-up models are available in two-dog models with storage, four-dog with storage and six-dog without storage. Long bed toppers come in four-dog models with storage, six-dog models with storage and eight-dog models without storage.

Outfitter toppers are transportation solutions for field trial professionals, law enforcement K-9 units, or hunters facing rough terrain where trailers are not practical.

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