Whitby, Ontario – Michigan-based Inteva Products has opened its first operation in Canada, in Whitby, Ontario. The facility will initially produce cockpit and headliner assemblies for the Chevrolet Camaro and Buick Regal, which are built nearby at General Motors’ assembly plant in Oshawa.

The new plant is Inteva’s eighteenth global facility. It uses a process capable of assembling approximately 2,500 different cockpit combinations and 1,000 headliner options.

The company uses just-in-time operations, with the cockpits and headliners installed into the vehicles within two hours of the time they are completed and leave the facility. Inteva’s process is designed to deliver the exact cockpit and headliner assemblies sequenced for installation in the vehicle based on the build specifications for each car.

The site will employ 108 workers when it reaches full capacity early next year. Formal production begins on September 27, 2010.

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