January 8, 2003

U.S. Army unveils technology-laden SmarTruck

Detroit, Michigan – The Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command’s National Automotive Center unveiled SmarTruck II on Tuesday, a versatile prototype, multi-purpose vehicle capable of both counterterrorism support and homeland security for a variety of community service and humanitarian aid missions.

The technology-laden vehicle introduces several new electronic and communications technologies, including a POINTER remotely controlled electric Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV), advanced SPIKE pinpoint laser-guided missile, 360- degree video cameras, four integrated state-of-the-art global communications systems and a unique hyperbolic interactive website for data acquisition.

Built on a modified Chevrolet Silverado platform, the 6×6 all-wheel drive vehicle is engineered to meet military, homeland security, counterterrorism and municipal government challenges in a post-Sept. 11 environment. SmarTruck II packs a bevy of electronically intelligent devices, state-of-the-art global communication systems and weapon options that will give its crew some crucial mission advantages.

“SmarTruck II is a multi-purpose vehicle for what are, in reality, ‘multi- purpose’ missions. This unique vehicle is now ready and able to meet those challenges facing local, state and federal agencies,” said Dennis J. Wend, executive director of the NAC. “If you don’t know exactly what you need, what’s the next best thing? A modular vehicle that can become anything you want it to be.”

The vehicle can be configured based on one of four specialized Modulo modules: Base Power Module, Electro Optics Module, Weapons Module Pad with SPIKE missile launcher demonstrator, and Integrated Communications Module with Crew Intercom systems.

POINTER is an electric UAV hand-launched through the OnePicture Integrated command and control console, which enables real-time video transmission from vehicle to pilot and observer on the ground. Optional chemical and environment monitoring payloads are also available through the POINTER UAV, equipping SmarTruck II to handle other applications such as air pollution sensing and chemical weapons detection.

SPIKE, a low-cost, man-packable, fire-and-forget guided missile and launcher system, can fire two missiles simultaneously, either at the same target or at independent targets. SmarTruck II incorporates a 48-round magazine into the weapons module, supplying reloads to vehicle launching systems or shoulder-fired launchers.

The innovative Hyperbolic WEB display provides multi-dimensional data acquisition capability, sifting through large amounts of hierarchical information to give the user the most accurate inside view of a particular subject. The hyperbolic display also provides an integrated “Hacker-in-a-Box” suite of electronic tools, which allows a Homeland Defense vehicle to respond to a hostile online threat.

The 3D Mapping capability, integrated into the OnePicture operator console, allows the user to better manipulate maps, storing real-time images with video data-links in order to update terrain images on the fly. A long range Electro Optics Module includes a high power (50X) zoom video system with thermal imaging and surveillance radar, which can detect moving objects within 7km of the vehicle. Finally, a LED Messaging System enables precise infrared spectrum communication from a lead vehicle through its taillights to trailing vehicles in a convoy, displaying information such as speed, turning, braking and distance between vehicles.

The SmarTruck II project is collaborative effort between the NAC, Integrated Concepts & Research Corporation (ICRC) of Alexandria, VA and Applied Minds, Inc. of Glendale, CA. For more information, visit www.techmarketing.brtrc.com/webdev/nac/site/naias2003.htm.

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