January 9, 2006

Two B.C. auto dealers fined

Prince George, British Columbia – Northland Dodge Chrysler Ltd. and Northland Motor Holdings Ltd. of Prince George, B.C. have been disciplined by the Registrar of B.C. Motor Dealers for a consistent pattern of unacceptable business practices. Northland Dodge Chrysler has been fined $50,000 and the related firm, $10,000.
In his ruling, the Registrar, Ken Smith, cited a number of violations to the Motor Dealer Act and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, including a failure to clearly identify dealer ownership in their advertising; incorrect pricing of vehicles on display; the employment of unlicensed salespersons; failure to disclose “total asking price” of vehicles; improper pricing and innumerable “deceptive” advertising practices.

The Motor Dealer Council is an administrative authority established

pursuant to the laws of British Columbia and has been delegated the

responsibility of administering the Motor Dealer Act and related regulations. The legislation requires that all businesses selling motor vehicles to the public in British Columbia, and all salespersons working for those businesses, be properly licensed. The Registrar of motor Dealers issues and oversees the administration of these licenses.

The complete ruling can be found on the MDC web site, www.mdcbc.com

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