January 15, 2003

Twenty-three concept cars to be shown at Toronto auto show

Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS) in Toronto has released a list of concept vehicles to be on display at the show in February.


Dodge Razor
Dodge Razor

Dodge M-80
Dodge M-80
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Dodge Razor (Canadian Premiere) is a back-to-basics sports coupe targeted at young people. The lightweight Razor can sprint to 100 km per hour in less than six seconds, has a top speed greater than 224 km per hour, and has a six-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive and an engine displacement of 2.4 litres.

Dodge M80 (Canadian Premiere) For tomorrow’s compact pick-up truck customer. Power comes from DaimlerChrysler’s all-new 3.7-litre V-6 engine coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission and 4×4 transfer case. The Detonator Yellow truck is a simple and affordable design.

California Cruiser (Regional Premiere) is Chrysler’s latest celebration of the PT Cruiser’s design. At the push of a button, the California Cruiser’s hard top transforms into an open-air cruiser. Eight panels of glass lower or pivot to create a unique driving experience. The full glass roof has a retractable sunroof in addition to a dropping door and quarter flip glass.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible (Regional Premiere) will make its regional debut at the 2003 CIAS. The production version of the two-door, four-seater Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible will be revealed at a later date and debut in showrooms in early 2004.


Ford F-350 Tonka
Ford F-350 Tonka
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The Mighty F-350 Tonka (Canadian Premiere) Its a hint of what’s to come for the next generation of Ford F-Series pickup — the best-selling pickup truck in Canada for the last 37 years. For more than 50 years, Hasbro, Inc’s Tonka — which means “great” in Sioux — has been synonymous with durability and lasting play value for children around the world. The Mighty F-350 Tonka concept brings together the playfulness of the legendary child’s toy with the strength, reliability and value key to the Ford truck tradition of leadership.

Lincoln Continental Concept (Regional Premiere) is the ultimate expression of North American luxury. The design embraces features from Lincoln’s past, such as centre opening doors, but the execution is thoroughly modern.

Ford EX Concept Vehicle (Regional Premiere) stakes its claim in the extreme domain of the “No Boundaries” SUV line-up, promising a unique, no-compromise driving experience for the off-road enthusiast and extreme sports authority.

General Motors

Saturn Sky
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Saturn Sky (Regional Premiere) is a four-season vehicle spacious enough to move people and cargo comfortably through traffic without abandoning the coziness of a classic roadster. A versatile seating package allows the SKY to convert easily from two-place to four-place seating.

2002 GMC Terra4 Concept Vehicle (Regional Premiere) is a four wheel-drive, four-wheel-steer truck with four doors and four ways to access the cargo area. Terra4’s unconventional package – a totally integrated design and closed body, with a short, deep cargo area – permits greater functionality and utility than a pickup truck.


Hyundai HCD-6
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HCD6 Roadster Concept Car (Canadian Premiere) This two-seat open top roadster has many unique design features including, detached floating front and rear carbon fibre bumpers, a clear see-through engine cover and high-mount exhaust.


KCV-1 Concept (Canadian Premiere) As a multi-purpose vehicle, it incorporates the features of a sedan, a wagon and an MPV. Equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine, the KCV-1 is loaded with high-powered performance and high-end technology. KCV-1 will be making it’s North American debut at the 2003 CIAS.


MX Sport Runabout Concept (North American Premiere) How do you deliver the practicality and functionality people require in a stylish, compact package? One solution from Mazda is the MX Sport Runabout, a stylish subcompact on the outside with flexible compact-size roominess on the inside.

Secret Hideout Concept (North American Premiere) Debut: October 2001 Tokyo Motor Show

Maxda Washu
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Washu Concept (Canadian Premiere) Washu-“Eagle’s Wing in Japanese”-showcases Mazda’s innovative approach to how people interact with a vehicle’s interior space. Low, sleek and well proportioned, Mazda’s 6-seat concept also works to tear down barriers that traditionally separate sports cars and family cars.

RX-01Concept (Canadian Premiere) Genesis of new RX-8 was seen in RX-01 Concept, the first execution of a new sports car using the next-generation, RENISIS rotary engine. The Mazda RX-01 demonstrates the design and packaging possibilities thanks to compact size of new rotary engine.

RX-Evolv Concept (Canadian Premiere) Follow up concept to RX-01, the Mazda RX-Evolv redefined the traditional sport car, thanks to the compactness of the rotary engine, and innovative “free-style” door system. RX-Evolv accommodates 4 adults in a traditional sports car design.

RX-8 X-Men Car Prototype (Canadian Premiere) In true superhero fashion, the aggressively styled Mazda RX-8 X-Men Car, based upon the production model 2004 RX-8, possesses its own unique super power – in this case, a RENISIS rotary engine. In addition, its dominant presence is accentuated by an impenetrable Mutant Blue exterior which includes an X-shaped grille, a fierce rear spoiler and an enlarged trademark “X” on the vehicle’s nameplate.

Troy Lee Designs – Roush Mazda6 Prototype (Canadian Premiere) From the nitrous fed 3.0-litre V6 to its custom purple PPG paint, the Troy Lee-Roush Mazda6 is anything but your average sedate four-door grocery getter. Behind that dark tinted glass, you’ll find a full-tilt Kicker audio system, GPS navigation system, classic soft trim leather upholstery and billet aluminum racing pedals.

Mazda6 wagon
Mazda6 wagon. Click image to enlarge

Mazda6 Sport Prototype (Regional Premiere)

Mazda6 Sport Wagon Prototype (Regional Premiere)


Suzuki GSX-R/4 The new GSX-R/4 concept car combines Suzuki’s motorcycle expertise and automotive technologies to create a one-of-a-kind high-performance sports vehicle. With a 1.3-litre GSX1300R Hayabusa motorcycle engine that quickly revs up to its 11,000-rpm redline, the Suzuki GSX-R/4 uses Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) technologies that match engine settings to the handling characteristics of each individual to enhance driver safety and enjoyment.

In addition to the distinctive aluminum exterior, easy-to-tune and height-adjustable suspension and detachable lightweight, recycled-plastic body panels for easy customizing, the GSX-R/4 also comes with a Wrist Mount System that serves as a door-lock release, driver identification, wireless communication tool and hand-free mobile phone.

(Canadian Premiere) The new Suzuki Concept-S vehicle demonstrates what’s possible when Suzuki’s motorcycle/automotive engineering meets rally-inspired styling and video game-like features. While boasting a 1.6-litre, aluminum, DOHC, 16-valve, inline four-cylinder engine, along with all-wheel drive, a sequential, six-speed gearbox and a rally-inspired drivetrain, the Concept-S displays most of its controls and gadgets on the steering wheel to allow drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

The most important advanced feature on the Concept-S car is its Advanced Navigation System which follows road routes that are downloaded from the Internet; stores and exchanges MP3 music files; shares the information electronically with other vehicles and uses an intelligent key card to automatically adjust the suspension to preset levels tailored to different drivers with a fingerprint identification system.


Toyota – FXS The Future Experimental Sports (FXS) is an exotic high performance 2-seater concept vehicle. The rear-wheel-drive FXS is powered by the same 4.3-litre, 32-valve V8 VVT-i engine that ignites the Lexus SC 430 sport convertible. Power is controlled by a six-speed sequential manual transmission equipped with Formula One-inspired shift buttons mounted in the steering wheel.

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