August 20, 2003

Triumph Motorcycles introduces 2.3 litre cruiser

Triumph Rocket III
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San Antonio, Texas – Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd. unveiled Triumph’s new power cruiser — the Rocket III — in San Antonio, Texas, during the annual US dealer conference. It is the biggest production motorcycle currently being built, the first production motorcycle to break the 2-liter barrier.

The Rocket III is powered by a triple cylinder engine. Its fuel-injected, longitudinally-mounted, in-line three-cylinder engine has a cubic capacity of 2,294cc — 140 cubic inches — and uses the same size pistons as a Dodge Viper. The Rocket III produces more peak torque than two of almost any other production motorcycles combined – a whopping torque at 2,500 rpm, with 90% delivered at 1,800 rpm. It will accelerate faster than just about anything else on two wheels and pull 1.2g in the process.

“The Rocket III’s the ultimate power cruiser and gives Triumph a strong foot-hold in the cruiser market,” explains Triumph Motorcycles Product Manager, Ross Clifford. “It breaks the mold and will appeal to riders seeking a unique and impressive riding experience. It’s the sort of bike that enthralls the rider completely, engaging all their senses.”

A tubular steel spine frame houses the motor while maintenance-free shaft drive lays power to the massive, 240/50-section rear tire. The front brakes are Daytona 955i specification — twin four-piston calipers mated with floating 320mm discs — and provide awesome stopping power. The rear brake is a single twin piston caliper and 316mm disc.

The last motorcycle to bear this name, was the 1960’s BSA Rocket, although badged as a BSA, the motorcycle was powered by the very first Triumph triple engine. Triumph’s own version of the same machine was the 1969 Trident.

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