June 2, 2005

Transportation skills development funding announced

Ottawa, Ontario – Two projects for transportation-related skills development and capacity were announced yesterday by Transport Minister Jean-C. Lapierre. The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation will receive $100,000 and the Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC) will receive $50,000 to promote transportation careers among youth.

“World class, sustainable transportation systems, such as Canada’s, require the vision and energy of an innovative sector, driven by a highly skilled workforce,” said Minister Lapierre. “This funding demonstrates the Government of Canada’s commitment to promoting transportation careers to potential workforce entrants.”

The Transportation Skills Development funding was initiated to respond to several employment issues facing the transportation industry. At the same time as demand for transportation services is increasing, the workforce is aging, the number of new entrants into the transportation field is decreasing and there are shortages of skilled workers in certain areas. The funding will be distributed to projects that increase the visibility, understanding and attractiveness of transportation careers to young people, and increase awareness and understanding of such careers among youth, parents and teachers.

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