Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada is advising the public of an error on a French-language label on the side of True Fit infant seats. The pictogram portion of the label incorrectly identifies the weights for the rear- and forward-facing usage modes. The correct weight ranges are on the English-language label and in the bilingual instruction manual.

The notice affects 1,921 True Fit C630C units, manufactured between March 31 and April 5, 2008.

All consumers can contact Learning Curve Brands Inc. at 1-888-899-2229 to receive a free repair kit with new label and instructions on its application. Until the French label can be replaced, the restraint system can be used in accordance with the English label and instruction manual. The affected seats should not be returned to retailers.

The correct weight ranges for the seats are 2.3 to 10 kg (5 to 22 lbs) in rear-facing mode, and 10.5 to 29 kg (23 to 65 lbs) in forward-facing mode. Correct labels on newer models have a green dot in the bottom right corner.

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