December 7, 2006

Transport Canada proposes to adopt U.N. door lock regulation

Ottawa, Ontario – The Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities has announced that Transport Canada is proposing amendments to the vehicle door lock regulation, to increase the safety of drivers and passengers. The amendments would be made with the adoption of the first-ever Global Technical Regulation, established through the United Nations, for the regulation of door locks and door retention components, known as gtr 1.

Transport Canada is proposing to amend the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 206, which is part of the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations. The proposed amendment would align Canada’s regulations with those of the United States and the UN.

Improvements to the regulations would help reduce the risk of vehicle doors opening during operation, thus reducing the potential for the ejection of occupants. Although existing regulations have proven to be effective, door openings present a risk of serious injury or death, particularly when a person is not wearing a seatbelt.

The proposal would allow vehicle manufacturers to conform to the requirements of either the recently developed UN gtr 1, or the U.S. federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, which closely mirrors the gtr 1 requirements.

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