Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has announced proposing regulations that would support the International Bridges and Tunnels Act, by introducing requirements for the owners of Canada’s 24 vehicular international bridges and tunnels to inspect and report on the safety of the structures on a regular basis.

The proposed regulations would apply to the Canadian sections of the bridges and tunnels, and put into place requirements concerning reporting and scheduled inspections. The regulations would also require reports every two years on maintenance and operations, including frequency and type of major maintenance performed, inspection results, the type of vehicles permitted, any restrictions placed on them, and the identification of any necessary actions to ensure the structures are kept in good condition.

“These proposed regulations, coupled with the recently published alteration, construction, ownership and operation guidelines, will provide a consistent approach to ensuring that all international bridge and tunnel structures are properly managed and maintained,” said Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. “This will help protect national security and the vital trade links on which our economy depends.”

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