June 6, 2007

Transport Canada issues latest recalls

Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has released its latest recalls, which may affect some Volvo, Chrysler and Dodge vehicles.

2003-2004 Volvo S60
2003-2004 Volvo V70
Vehicles affected: 3,700
On certain vehicles, the fuel pressure sensor may, at times, transmit an incorrect signal to the engine control module. If the signal is outside of the preprogrammed allowable limits, a diagnostic trouble code may be set, and the check engine light will come on. An engine misfire may occur, reducing available engine torque and possibly causing the engine to stall. Dealers will replace the fuel pressure sensor.

2005 Chrysler Town & Country
2005 Dodge Caravan
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
Vehicles affected: 51,000
On certain vehicles, the left or right front supplemental airbag sensors may crack under certain conditions, which can allow water to enter into the sensor. This can cause the airbag warning lamp to illuminate. A malfunction of one or both of the sensors will not adversely affect safety or cause a failure to comply with government standards; the single-point sensor in these vehicles is operational even if both supplemental sensors are inoperative. DaimlerChrysler has decided to launch a customer satisfaction notification to advise customers that these supplemental sensors will be replaced with redesigned sensors. This action is not being conducted under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

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