March 1, 2006

Transport Canada issues latest recalls

Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued its latest recalls, which may affect some Mazda, Jeep, Dodge and Nissan vehicles, and some Cooper tires.

2002-2003 Mazda MPV
Vehicles affected: 14,855

Certain vehicles previously updated following an emission recall concerning the PCV hose may experience throttle icing during cold weather operation. As a result of misrouting of the hose during the emission recall, moisture buildup inside the hose could freeze while the vehicle is parked and then, if driven at constant highway speeds in extremely cold temperatures (-30C or colder), could experience moisture in the blow-by gases freezing in the throttle valve area. Under these conditions, engine speed may not decrease even if the accelerator pedal is released. Dealers will inspect the previously-replaced PCV hose for proper routing, and reroute if necessary.

2006 Jeep Commander
Vehicles affected: 1,348

On certain vehicles, the edge of the seatbelt retractor bracket on the third-row seat may contact the seatbelt webbing. As a result, the seatbelt may not properly restrain third-row seat occupants during a crash. Dealers will install a plastic cover on the retractor bracket at both third-row seating positions.

2006 Dodge Dakota
2006 Dodge Durango
Vehicles affected: 7,000

On certain vehicles, an electrostatic discharge event between the operator and the vehicle can result in a loss of turn signal functionality, and headlamp or windshield wiper activation or deactivation. Dealers will re-flash the cab compartment node with a software revision that will prevent all undesirable conditions if an electrostatic discharge event occurs.

2006 Dodge Dakota
2006 Dodge Ram
Vehicles affected: 5,100

On certain vehicles, the anti-lock brake system (ABS) electronic control unit may cause a loss of electronic brake distribution, allowing the rear brakes to lock up during certain braking conditions. Dealers will replace the ABS electronic control unit with a new one containing an integrated circuit that prevents this condition.

2003-2006 Nissan Murano
Vehicles affected: 19,330

On certain vehicles, the webbing of a rear outboard seatbelt may contact the rear seat back hinge, where it can be cut by the sharp edge of the hinge during a frontal crash. Dealers will install a plastic cover over the lower part of the webbing and the floor anchor.

2006 Nissan Altima

Vehicles affected: 32

The die used for stamping the rear suspension subframe was out of specification during three days of production. As a result, the thickness of the attachment bracket for the rear lower link may be less than the minimum specification, which could result in a crack forming in the attachment bracket. If a crack propagates through the bracket, the rear lower link may separate from the bracket. Dealers will inspect and, if required, replace the rear suspension subframe.

2004-2005 Cooper Trendsetter SE P175/70R13
2005 Cooper Trendsetter SE P185/65R14
2004-2005 Cooper Trendsetter SE P185/70R14
2005 Cooper Trendsetter SE P195/70R14
2004-2005 Cooper Trendsetter SE P205/70R14
2004-2005 Dean Alpha 365 A/S P175/70R13
2005 Dean Alpha 365 A/S P185/65R14
2005 Dean Alpha 365 A/S P185/70R14
2005 Dean Alpha 365 A/S P195/70R14
2004-2005 Dean Alpha 365 A/S P205/70R14
2004-2005 Mastercraft A/S IV P175/70R13
2005 Mastercraft A/S IV P185/65R14
2004-2005 Mastercraft A/S IV P185/70R14
2005 Mastercraft A/S IV P195/70R14
2004-2005 Mastercraft A/S IV P205/70R14
2004-2005 Starfire Flite-Line IV P175/70R13
2005 Starfire Flite-Line IV P185/65R14
2004-2005 Starfire Flite-Line IV P185/70R14
2005 Starfire Flite-Line IV P195/70R14
2004-2005 Starfire Flite-Line IV P205/70R14
2004-2006 Big O Mesa C/T LT285/75R16
2004-2006 Cooper Discoverer S/T LT285/75R16
2004-2006 Dean Durango XTR LT285/75R16
2004-2006 Dean Mud Terrain SXT LT285/75R16
2004-2006 Dick Cepek Radial F-C II LT285/75R16
2004-2006 Mastercraft Courser C/T LT285/75R16
2004-2006 Pro Comp Extreme A/T 38.50X14.50R20LT
2004-2006 Tempra Trailcutter RT LT285/75R16

Vehicles affected: 2,209

Certain tires may not have adequate rubber coverage of the belt edge, due to low tread gauge in the shoulder slot area of the tire. This condition may eventually cause cracking at the base of the shoulder slots, resulting in exposed belt wire which could lead to accelerated belt degradation. Continued use could cause the ply cords to break, and the tubeless liner to tear and lose air. Dealers will replace affected tires.

2004-2005 Cooper Zeon 2XS 235/35R19XL
2004-2005 Cooper Zeon 2XS 245/40R20
2004-2005 Mastercraft Avenger ZHP 235/35R19XL

Vehicles affected: 40

Certain tires may develop a scattered compression cracking condition in the inner liner stock. If this occurs, the tire can experience a reduction in its ability to retain proper inflation pressure. Dealers will replace affected tires.

2005 Nissan Murano
Vehicles affected: 1,716

On certain vehicles, an inadequate vapour recirculation fitting, which is welded to the fuel tank, may separate from the tank. This will allow some fuel leakage and cause the malfunction indicator light (MIL) in the instrument panel to illuminate. Dealers will replace the fuel tank.

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