Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued its latest recalls, which may affect some Volvo, Ford, Saturn, Volkswagen and BMW vehicles.

2008-2009 Volvo S80
2008-2009 Volvo V70
2008-2009 Volvo XC70
Vehicles affected: 309

On certain vehicles, the engine cooling fan may stop working due to a software programming error in the fan control module (FCM). Depending on conditions, the driver may experience reduced air conditioning performance and/or rapid increase in engine coolant temperature. Dealers will replace the fan control module.

2008 Ford E350
Vehicles affected: 42

On certain Econoline E350 vans, as well as certain E350 and E450 cutaway vehicles, certain frame rail tank guard brackets may have been omitted during vehicle assembly. These brackets are intended to prevent frame edge-to-fuel tank contact during a vehicle crash. As these vehicles were not evaluated for compliance without the use of brackets, their performance during a vehicle crash is unknown. Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, install the missing brackets.

2008 Saturn Vue
Vehicles affected: 3,026

On certain vehicles, the outside door handles may stick or bind. If this occurs, the door may not latch when closed. Dealers will replace the outside door handles.

2009 Ford Expedition
2009 Ford Expedition Extended
2009 Lincoln Navigator
2009 Lincoln Navigator Extended
Vehicles affected: 89

On certain vehicles, the brake lamp switch may have been incorrectly installed during vehicle assembly. This may cause a delay in brake stop lamp illumination when the brake pedal is depressed. If brake pedal application is light, the stop lamps may not illuminate. Dealers will remove and reinstall the brake lamp switch correctly.

2007-2009 Volkswagen Touareg
Vehicles affected: 1,181

On certain vehicles, the fastening struts on the roof edge spoiler may develop cracks over time, which could allow the spoiler to loosen and detach from the vehicle. Dealers will install reinforcement wedges to the roof edge spoiler.

2009 BMW X6
Vehicles affected: 2

On certain vehicles, the rear brake discs may not have been manufactured according to specifications. This could result in a reduction in braking performance at the affected rear wheel and, in an extreme case, the affected rear brake disc would break, resulting in a loss of braking at the wheel. Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the rear brake discs.

2008 BMW 1 Series
2008 BMW 3 Series
Vehicles affected: 160

On certain vehicles, incorrect crimp connectors may have been used during vehicle assembly on the side airbag and belt tensioner wiring. As a result, there may be insufficient contact between the crimp connectors and the corresponding plug, resulting in the airbag and/or seatbelt tensioner not deploying in a crash when deployment would be warranted. Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, repair the wiring harness for the front side airbags and seatbelt tensioners.

2009 Volkswagen Routan
Vehicles affected: 1,900

The owner’s manual for certain vehicles was printed without a required warning that no objects should be placed over or near the instrument panel airbag. Owners will be provided with an insert containing the required airbag information.

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