October 24, 2003

Transport Canada advises parents of problem with Evenflo child seats

Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued a warning about several Evenflo
vehicle infant restraint systems that significantly increase the risk of serious
injury and/or fatality to an infant in the event of a frontal collision.

The department advises that certain Evenflo models equipped with a detachable or an
accessory base, may have had the Universal Anchorage System (UAS) belt improperly
routed through the base at the time of manufacture, making it unlikely the restraint
system base can be properly secured to the vehicle’s UAS anchorage brackets, in
accordance with the owner’s manual instructions.

To determine if the base of the unit is equipped with a properly routed UAS belt,
Transport Canada encourages parents and caregivers to contact Evenflo Canada at
1-800-233-5921, for instructions on how to check their particular unit with respect
to the routing of the UAS belt, and how to correct an improperly routed belt.

In the meantime, Transport Canada recommends parents and caregivers use the vehicle
seat belt to secure the combined infant restraint and base to the vehicle, as per
the manufacturer’s instructions, or temporarily discontinue use of the base and use
the vehicle seat belt to secure the infant restraint to the vehicle without the
base, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

More than 56,000 Evenflo seats, manufactured between September 01, 2002, and
September 15, 2003, are affected. Below are the models and the first 3 digits of the
model numbers:

  • 374 PortAbout 3

  • 375 PortAbout 5 Premier
  • 386 PortAbout 5
  • 544 Journey Premier Travel System
  • 546 Journey Premier Travel System
  • 575 PortAbout 5 Travel System
  • 576 Comfort Dimensions Travel System
  • 578 Comfort Dimensions Premier Travel System
  • 582 Comfort Dimensions Plus Travel System
  • 638600 Accessory, PortAbout Base

(model number and date of manufacture can be found on the manufacturer’s label,
located on both the infant restraint and on the detachable base)

This notice and further information on these child car seats can be found on
Transport Canada’s web site.

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