July 19, 2007

Toyota wins its first motor race with a hybrid car

Toyota Supra HV-R hybrid racer
Toyota Supra HV-R hybrid racer. Click image to enlarge

Hokkaido, Japan – Toyota has won last weekend’s Tokashi 24-Hour Race with its Supra HV-R hybrid race car. It is the first time ever that a hybrid racer has won a competition.

The win follows an entry last year when Toyota was the first car manufacturer to enter a hybrid vehicle, the Lexus GS 450h, which finished 17th overall. This year’s race car is based on the Supra GT used in Super GT races in Japan, and modified and equipped with a special racing hybrid system.

The vehicle contains three electric motors with a four-wheel energy regeneration and drive system: two in-wheel motors in the front wheels, and one 150 kW rear-axle-mounted electric motor. To compensate for repeated acceleration and deceleration under full system performance, a quick-charging capacitor system was used instead of rechargeable batteries. The car completed 616 laps in the 24 hours, 19 more than the second-place finisher.

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