Frankfurt, Germany – Toyota will unveil a new Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, leading up to a test program that will lease more than 500 cars to customers worldwide for evaluation.

The Prius Plug-in Hybrid will use lithium-ion batteries and will fully recharge in about 90 minutes, running on electricity for longer distances and at higher speeds than the conventional, third-generation Prius. Over longer distances, or when the limit of battery power is reached, the system automatically shifts to conventional gasoline power.

Europe’s population is increasingly urban-centred. Toyota’s research found that in the U.K. and France, more than 80 per cent of car journeys are less than 25 kilometres, and in the U.K., around 80 per cent are less than 10 kilometres long. These figures confirm the potential for electricity in providing short- to mid-term sustainable mobility.

The concept model is developed on the new, third-generation Prius, using the core technology of Hybrid Synergy Drive built specifically to meet the needs of urban motorists.

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