Toronto, Ontario – Toyota has announced that it will bring its Scion brand to Canada in 2010; the company first launched its entry-level, youth-oriented brand in the United States in 2003.

Scion xD
2009 Scion xD. Click image to enlarge
Scion xB
2009 Scion xB. Click image to enlarge
Scion tC
2009 Scion tC. Click image to enlarge

“Young Canadians have been telling us they want Scion, and now their desire is within reach,” said Larry Hutchinson, director of Toyota Canada. “Scion is an authentic brand, created to mesh with youthful tastes and sensibilities, and we’re excited to expand our presence in Canada with new vehicles that offer a unique blend of flexibility, personalization, affordability and fuel efficiency. The time is right to bring Scion culture to Canada.”

Scion will come to Canada with three vehicles: the tC compact “sport coupe” five-seat hatchback with panorama moon roof; xD subcompact four-door hatchback, and the boxy xB four-door hatchback.

“Scion is a unique brand, yet still a member of the Toyota family, so it benefits from the same high standards as our Toyota and Lexus lines,” Hutchinson said. “As such, Scion will be an important avenue through which we reach new drivers – those who represent the greatest future growth of the market – and give them the opportunity to experience, first-hand, Toyota’s reputation for quality, fuel efficiency, safety and value.”

In the U.S., about 70 per cent of Scion buyers are new to Toyota, and over 50 per cent of Scion owners eventually migrate to a Toyota vehicle.

Scion will be established at select Toyota dealer locations, using a “store within a store” model, and will be rolled out in phases, starting with Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in 2010. These will be followed by other Canadian urban centres. For more information, visit Scion.

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