September 29, 2004

Toyota unveils new web-site ‘PlanetKaizen’

Torrance, California – A new Toyota web-site designed for enthusiasts was launched yesterday. PlanetKaizen is a new interactive direction for Toyota to display the inner workings and engineering advances on its vehicles.

“PlanetKaizen is designed for those people who want to dig deeper and see what’s really happening inside Toyota,” said Deborah Meyer, corporate marketing communications manager. “PlanetKaizen is a source for vast amounts of technical information that was previously provided only to journalists and dealership personnel – not directly to the public.”

The name PlanetKaizen was inspired by Toyota’s commitment to continuous improvement, or kaizen.

The site, which is designed as though the consumer is in the driver’s seat, is divided into three categories, Explore, Encounter and Enjoy:


  • Technology and performance the inner working of Toyota’s vehicles

  • Process and manufacturing – how Toyota applies kaizen in everything it does
  • Green and environment – steps Toyota’s taking to have less environmental impact
  • Safety – descriptions and virtual demonstrations of safety features
  • Who knew? – factoids about Toyota, i.e. the Lotus Elise uses the Celica engine
  • Questions from Out There – interaction with Toyota


  • Become a resident or member

  • Test your Nuts and Bolts quiz – become part of a resident panel with special website access
  • Exclusive sneak peaks/vehicle unveilings
  • Media center – press clips, video and URLs


  • Eye Kandy – screen savers and wallpaper

  • We know your kind – Latest automotive news, press releases and an extensive list of automotive-related websites.

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