Toronto, Ontario – Toyota announced it has unveiled a new radar system that can detect probable front-side collisions, and rear seats that prepare occupants for front- or rear-end collisions. The technologies will debut in a Toyota vehicle scheduled for launch in the near future in Japan.

The Front-side Pre-crash Safety System was developed in response to research showing that collisions caused by a vehicle moving into the projected path of another result in the highest percentage of combined serious injuries and fatalities, while head-on collisions result in the highest rate of fatalities.

The new technology uses diagonally-projected, front-side millimeter-wave radar to more broadly detect vehicles or objects moving into the vehicle’s path, or a vehicle that has crossed the centre line. If a high probability of collision is detected, safety functions within the car are activated to alert the driver, and mitigate collision damage and occupant injuries.

These systems include a collision warning that could possibly help the driver avert the collision through braking or steering; pre-crash brake assist to reduce collision speed; motor-powered seatbelts that retract promptly to restrain occupants; and preparation of the side and curtain airbags for deployment.

The Pre-crash Seatbacks automatically bring reclined rear seats to an upright position when the vehicle’s sensors detect a high probability of a front or rear collision, restraining the occupants in the most appropriate pre-crash position for the motorized seatbelts to have maximum effect.

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