When we look at Toyota’s ‘Tundrasine’ concept, on display this week at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, we’re not sure whether the company is making fun of itself and the size of modern pickups in general, or un-ironically previewing the next wave of upscale pickup truck design.

We didn’t even bat an eye when Toyota told us the concept is more than eight metres (26 feet!) long, and rides on a 5992-mm (236 in.) wheelbase; this truck’s 2300-mm stretch alone is nearly as long as a Mazda MX-5’s wheelbase. There’s enough room to ferry around a world tour’s worth of bluejean-wearin’, pickup-truck drivin’ country music stars in the brown leather-trimmed seats behind each of the Tundrasine’s eight doors.

All this thing needs is a hot-tub in the box, and every fake-tanned/bottle-blonde/popped-collar college grad on the continent would be clambering to book it for next June.

Given the current state of “mine’s-bigger-than-yours” pickup design, if Toyota told the world it planned to roll a production version of the Tundrasine out next week, we bet more people would believe it than not. And for all that, we think this truck is pretty cool, in a ridiculous sort of way.

Toyota Tundrasine concept (2)

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