Yonkers, New York – A new survey by Consumer Reports has found that consumers rank Toyota tops overall for brand perception, followed in order by Honda, Ford, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz. The results are based on the categories of design/style, performance, quality, environmental friendly/green, safety, technology/innovation, and value.

Among the seven factors in the brand perception survey, safety stood out as the most important, ranked first by 25 per cent of respondents. Volvo led the safety category by 71 per cent; second-place Ford ranked 19 per cent. With quality, Toyota led for the second consecutive year at 32 per cent, followed by Honda at 24 per cent. Honda also topped the value category, at 49 per cent; Toyota showed a slight increase to 27 per cent, tied with Kia, which moved up from last year’s 23 per cent.

In performance, Porsche led at 29 per cent, followed by BMW at 28 per cent; Toyota came in at 22 per cent, followed by Chevrolet at 20 per cent, and Ford at 17 per cent. Toyota topped the “green car” category at 48 per cent, followed by Honda at 31 per cent, and in an 11 per cent tie, Chevrolet, Ford and GMC.

In styling, Lexus took the lead from Mercedes-Benz, jumping 8 percentage points to 32 points from the 2007 survey; Mercedes-Benz slid from 24 to 19 per cent. Toyota took the top score in technology/innovation at 34 per cent, an improvement from 30 per cent, with Cadillac and Lexus tied for second at 22 per cent. The technology factor proved to be the lowest priority for general consumers.

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