Richmond Hill, Ontario – Toyota cars and trucks stay on Canadian roads longer than any other brand overall, according to industry analyst Dennis DesRosiers, with 72 per cent of its cars and 82.4 per cent of its light trucks aged one to 25 years still on the road. Among vehicles 21 to 25 years old, Toyota led all full-line automakers at 10.6 per cent, while its 21.5 per cent of light trucks still on the road was topped only by Chevrolet, which has 21.7 per cent of its trucks 21 to 25 years old still on the road.

The industry average for passenger cars aged one through 25 still on the road is 54.2 per cent, while the average for trucks is 71.2 per cent. The lowest percentage of cars on the road is Dodge, at 31.6 per cent, while the lowest for light trucks is Suzuki at 61.7 per cent.

Among premium brands one to 25 years old, Porsche ranked the highest with 96.8 per cent of its cars still on the road, against an industry average of 54.2 per cent.

Overall, of the 33,192,918 cars and light trucks sold in the past 25 years, DesRosiers said that 20,119,981 are still on the road. European nameplates had the highest survival rate, at 73.5 per cent, followed by Japanese at 72.1 per cent, Korean at 66.1 per cent, and domestic at 54.8 per cent.

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