March 17, 2004

Toyota to show fuel-cell powered Race Car concept at New York auto show

Tokyo, Japan – Toyota will show its Motor Triathlon Race Car (MTRC) fuel cell concept at the 2004 New York International Auto Show. The concept vehicle made its world premier earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept race-car was designed and built by Toyota’s European design studio ED2.

The MTRC will be showcased in Gran Turismo 4, the latest version of the popular Sony Playstation game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital.

“We have taken the opportunity of extracting the technology from a futuristic car, and reproducing it in a virtual world,” stated Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo. “This has been a very exciting experience for our team, who are always curious about new technology.”

The two-seater MTRC was conceived to compete in three different environments: an off-road course, a smooth and high-grip racetrack and a narrow city street circuit, as if in a “triathlon.”

The vehicle uses an electronically-controlled suspension system that constantly monitors the road conditions, raises the ride height and adjusts the settings according to its environment. Intelligent tires also adapt to the road conditions through built-in sensors, ensuring the appropriate, maximum grip for the surface.

The wheels have their own electric motors that are powered by the Toyota fuel cell stack. As a result, the MTRC is a zero emissions vehicle.

In addition, the car adopts the innovative ‘Mixed Reality’ technology developed by Denso and Canon. The driver and passengers wear a special helmet that transmits information similar to a Heads Up Display (HUD). While a HUD system conveys factual information, such as temperature or speed, Mixed Reality helps the driver to anticipate upcoming road conditions.

The Mixed Reality system provides a constant flow of information, such as road temperature, tire status, the presence of snow or ice, and at the same time, interacts with the car’s other systems to optimize performance. This advanced technology helps the driver navigate and control the car more safely and accurately.

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