February 11, 2004

Toyota to display FINE-S fuel cell concept at Toronto auto show

(Note: Incorrect information appeared in this article yesterday, the FCX sports car concept will not be appearing at the Toronto auto show. ed.)

FINE-S concept
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Toronto – The FINE-S hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid-electric concept vehicle that Toyota unveiled last month in Detroit will make its Canadian deut at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

Developed by Toyota Motor Corporation, the FINE-S concept is another stage of Toyota’s
ongoing commitment to developing cars and trucks that are environmentally friendly, stylish, and easy to live with.

The futuristic styling of the FINE-S concept features a long wheelbase
with very short front- and rear overhangs and a sleek, low-to-the-ground
aerodynamic design. A low centre of gravity coupled with an individual wheel
torque control system provides excellent performance handling. Inside, the
FINE-S features a spacious cabin with a creative 4-seat design that provides
ample roominess and comfort.

The first Toyota market-ready zero-emission-certified hydrogen
fuel-cell vehicles are already in service in Japan and the U.S. In December,
2003, Toyota FCHV fuel-cell vehicles were leased to the Japanese government in
Tokyo and to the University of California in the U.S. The Toyota FCHV is based on the Highlander 5-passenger sport utility vehicle. Its fuel-cell stack is developed and built solely by Toyota.

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