Erlanger, Kentucky – Toyota will expand capacity at its engine plant in Huntsville, Alabama, increasing its North American production of four-cylinder engines, and bringing U.S.-built engines to its Ontario assembly lines.

The expansion will allow the plant to produce 216,000 four-cylinder engines each year, with production beginning in the summer of 2011.

The plant currently builds both V8 and V6 engines. The expansion will bring its annual engine capacity to 577,000 units, and will result in at least 240 new jobs being created. The expansion will cost US$147 million.

“The four-cylinder engines to be produced in Alabama will be for Camry and RAV4,” said Jim Wiseman, vice-president of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America. “Currently all engines for RAV4s made at our Woodstock, Ontario plant come from Japan, as well as engines for Camrys built at SIA in Lafayette, Indiana. We’re pleased to be moving all of this production to North America.”

Camry models built in Kentucky will continue to use four-cylinder engines built in-house at the plant. Toyota’s aluminum casting plants in Missouri and Tennessee will also add capacity to provide cylinder heads and blocks to the Alabama plant.


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