September 12, 2005

Toyota to boost hybrid motor production

Aichi Prefecture, Japan – Toyota will boost production of its hybrid motors in 2006 by 30 per cent to keep up with rapidly rising demand.

The Green Car Congress reports that the company will begin mass production of hybrid motors at its headquarters plant next year, supporting 400,000 hybrid drive-trains annually. The company anticipates its global hybrid sales to more than double, to about 300,000 in 2005. The supply of motors is not meeting demand, resulting in delays in delivery.

As a short-term solution, Toyota is moving its chassis production for the Land Cruiser SUV to a subsidiary plant, allowing the headquarters factory to increase production lines for hybrid vehicle components.

Prius production will begin in China by the end of 2005, and in 2006, Toyota will begin assembly of some 50,000 Camry hybrids per year at its Kentucky plant. The company has a target of one million hybrids by the early 2010s.

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