Toronto, Ontario – Toyota Canada will recall approximately 12,600 Sienna minivans, model year 2011 produced before early November 2010, to replace a brake light switch bracket that could result in the brake lights staying on or the brakes partially engaging.

In limited circumstances, when the parking brake is fully applied, the brake light switch bracket could be deformed by the driver’s foot due to the proximity of the bracket to the parking brake pedal. Depending on the amount of bracket deformation, the brake lights could remain on or, if the deformation is significant, the brakes could become partially engaged. This could result in brake drag, with associated brake noise, brake vibration, and/or illumination of the brake warning light. If the condition is not detected and the vehicle continues to be driven, braking effectiveness could be reduced.

No other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are involved in the recall, and the company is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the condition.

Owners of involved vehicles will receive an interim notification by first-class mail in the near future, along with instructions for what to do if they experience the condition and how to minimize the possibility of inadvertently contacting the brake light switch bracket while operating the parking brake. In early 2011, owners will receive a second notice once replacement parts are available. Dealers will replace the brake pedal support assembly with a redesigned one.

For more information, call 1-888-TOYOTA-8 or visit Toyota Canada.

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