Along with attempts by Audi in the past, the Japanese automaker wants rule changes in order to sell shaded highbeam.

In Europe and Japan, trick high beams are becoming the new feature to have on cars, with some 16,600 of Toyota’s advanced lighting units sold to customers. However, in the United States and Canada, automakers are not able to market these technical marvels to customers due to their legality, or lack thereof.

Toyota wants to change this and has asked NHTSA to review their rules surrounding high beam lights in vehicles, reports Automotive News.

The shaded high beams allow drivers to use the increased illumination more consistently. When a camera detects the presence of an oncoming automobile, a shade within the headlight housing becomes active and blocks direct light to the opposing vehicle. This allows the drivers of both cars to see much better at night.

For its part, NHTSA has said they are open to changing the rules which currently state cars to have high beams and low beams, with no settings in between.

Currently, in Canada, there are vehicles that dim high beams automatically when detecting an oncoming vehicle. But, no solutions currently on the road are as advanced as Toyota’s developed technology for other locales.

[Source: Automotive News]

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