August 27, 2003

Toyota promotes new Echo hatchback with online game

Toronto, Ontario – Toyota Canada is inviting visitors to its web site to play a new online game and win prizes. The game, which can be reached through the home page, or directly at, encourages players to load an Echo Hatch with a variety of items, then use them to rescue a holiday weekend from problems they encounter along the trip.

Between now and the end of September, visitors can enter to win one of six weekly prizes that include a Shockwave Sports Radio and an Echo Hatchback watch. At the end of September, one lucky grand-prize winner will receive a Toyota leather jacket, a portable CD/MP3 player, and a Panasonic e-wear Multi Audio Visual Device that combines a digital camcorder, digital still camera, MP3 audio player and digital voice recorder all in one. The Multi AV Device packs all this functionality into a package so small it fits easily in one hand.

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