March 31, 2004

Toyota Prius wins the 2004 ADAC EcoTest

In its second annual EcoTest, ADAC (the German automobile club, also the biggest in Europe), found the Toyota Prius to be the best overall performer.

The Prius scored 89 points out of 90. Its fuel consumption was also the best among D-segment cars.

In addition, the Toyota Avensis D-4D D-CAT achieved the third position overall (79 points), being the best diesel car and the top D-segment contender. Among diesels, Avensis D-4D D-CAT claimed the highest score in the non-CO2 emissions ranking.

This year, 113 models in 6 different segments were subjected to the evaluation of ADAC. The final score of each vehicle was determined by its emission levels. ADAC technicians measured emissions like CO, NOX, PM (particulate matter) and CO2. Besides the normal certification test measurements, ADAC evaluated the level of emissions of each car with the air conditioner on and during high-speed driving at the Autobahn. Gas and diesel cars were treated equally, but the car’s segment had a weight on the final score. There are two different rankings – one measuring the performance in CO2 emissions, the other evaluating the car concerning other emission types. The final result is the sum of these two scores.

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