December 9, 2003

Toyota Prius Hybrid production increased by 31 percent

Torrance, California – Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A announced a 31 percent increase in production of the new, second-generation Prius gas-electric hybrid sedan to help meet the vehicle’s heavy demand in the U.S. market.

The original Prius production plan for 2004 calendar year was 36,000 units. With 12,000 pre-orders received before the vehicle launched in mid-October and approximately 10,000 units delivered in its first six weeks on sale, it became necessary to boost Prius production to 47,000 units annually.

“..It became clear we had underestimated our early sales projections”, said Don Esmond, TMS senior vice president and general manager. “If 47,000 units is still too low, another request for additional production from our Tsutsumi Plant in Toyota City, Japan may be necessary.”

The Prius (the name comes from the Latin “to go before”) was the world’s first mass-produced gas-electric hybrid vehicle when introduced in Japan in 1997. It has since become the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the world.

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