Toronto, Ontario – Toyota Canada is issuing a special challenge to “Live Green” for this week’s Earth Week, asking for people to commit to one small change to make things better for the environment.

A “Live Green” tab has been added to the Toyota Canada Facebook page, giving people a chance to demonstrate how they will make things better for the planet. Visitors can select one to six small commitments from a list of simple actions, including properly inflating their tires, removing unnecessary weight from vehicles, decreasing speed, unplugging household electronics that are not in use, shutting off the water when brushing teeth, and replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamp bulbs.

“Pledging to make one small change really can make a big difference,” said Stephen Beatty, managing director and chief environmental officer at Toyota Canada. “This is our way of encouraging everyone in Canada to do their part to make things better. We hope to show just how positive and large an effect one small commitment from many people can truly make.”

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