August 7, 2002

Toyota hurries intro of fuel cell-electric hybrid

Torrance, California – Toyota announced that it will start limited marketing of a fuel cell hybrid (FCHV) sport utility vehicle (SUV) in the U.S. and Japan around the end of this year, much earlier than originally planned. The announcement follows Honda’s decision last week to lease a limited number of its fuel cell vehicles later this year.

Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle, which is based on the Highlander, will be available by lease to select private sector companies, technology related companies, institutional organizations and research facilities. Although terms have yet to be determined, Toyota plans to lease a total of approximately 20 units during the first year to entities that have access to hydrogen-supply infrastructure and after-sales service.

Toyota began testing the FCHV-4 on public roads in Japan in June 2001 and the United States a month later. So far, FCHV-4s have covered a cumulative 110,000 kilometers (approx. 68,000 miles) on and off the test track, providing valuable insight toward the commercialization of FCHVs.

Expected to heighten consumer acceptance of hydrogen as a fuel, Toyota marketing of an FCHV is integral to the establishment of the standards and infrastructures necessary for the popularization and full-scale commercialization of fuel cell-powered vehicles.


  • Vehicle Base Model – Kluger V (Highlander in U.S.)
  • Length/Width/Height (mm) – 4,735 / 1,815 / 1,685
  • Weight (kg) – 1,850
  • Maximum speed (km/h) – 150+
  • Maximum number of passengers – 5
  • Fuel Cell Type – Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
  • Maximum output (kW) – 90
  • Motor Type – Permanent magnet
  • Maximum output (kW (PS)) – 80 (108)
  • Maximum torque (N/m (kg/m)) – 260 (26.5)
  • Fuel Type – Pure hydrogen
  • Storage method – High pressure tank
  • Maximum storage pressure (MPa) – 35
  • Secondary Battery Type – Nickel-metal hydride

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