Westlake Village, California – A new survey by J.D. Power and Associates has found that Toyota, General Motors and Honda have a higher than average number of positive mentions among bloggers for their environmental sustainability. The company based its research on analysis of 40 million blog posts collected during the past six months.

J.D. Power and Associates Web Intelligence Division, which specializes in blog research and consumer-generated media for market insight, has released its first comprehensive look at consumer conversations about environmental sustainability, global warming, purchase trends and user demographics, as captured from online blogosphere conversations.

GM, Honda and Toyota emerged as pacesetters and scored in the top quadrant for both volume and the percentage of positive mentions. Toyota leads GM in the total volume of posts, accounting for 14 per cent of all posts regarding automotive brands and sustainability; GM is a close second in post volume, with 11 per cent of all posts. However, GM received a higher percentage of positive mentions between January and June 2008, ranking 49 per cent compared with 46 per cent for Toyota. Honda’s rate of positive mentions is 53 per cent, but the brand receives only 7 per cent of mentions in the pacesetter quadrant.

Nissan outscores all other automotive brands in the percentage of positive discussion with 56 per cent, but receives only 2 per cent volume in the pacesetter group. Ford accounts for 8 per cent of discussion, but less than half of all comments are positive in nature.

“It is not unexpected that Toyota is mentioned frequently in the blogosphere by environmentally conscious consumers due to the success and popularity of the Prius,” said Chance Parker, vice president and general manager of the Web Intelligence Division. “What might be more surprising to some is the strong showing that GM has made within the blogging community that is concerned with environmental sustainability. All of the effort that GM has made to market its hybrid vehicles and future powertrains, such as the electric technology that will be featured in the Volt, appears to be resonating with consumers.”

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