October 1, 2007

Toyota extends fuel cell hybrid vehicle’s range with new fuel cell stack and system

Tokyo, Japan – A new version of Toyota’s fuel cell hybrid vehicle (FCHV) with new fuel stack, improved control system and higher-pressure storage system has completed a 560-km long-distance road test in Japan, according to a report by the Green Car Congress. The real-world test was undertaken from Osaka to Tokyo on a single fuelling of hydrogen, with the vehicle’s air conditioning system operating.

Toyota calculates that the vehicle has a single-fuelling range of approximately 750 km; the prior version of the hybrid, based on the Highlander, had a cruising range of about 330 km. The new version is 25 per cent more fuel-efficient than earlier versions, due to improvements in the fuel cell and control system, which manages fuel cell output, and battery charging and discharging.

New fuel tanks, developed by Toyota, are able to store approximately twice the amount of hydrogen as the previous tanks. The hybrid’s battery pack remains the same, as do other basic performance specs.

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