October 9, 2002

Toyota donates Prius to the Canada Science and Technology Museum

Ottawa, Ontario – Toyota Canada donated today a Toyota Prius to the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa on Tuesday. Prius is the
world’s first mass-produced gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle, and Toyota has
sold more than 100,000 Prius vehicles around the world since the hybrid was

Toyota Canada unveiled the Prius at the same museum four years ago.

The Toyota Prius, introduced in Canada in 1998 and first sold in Canada
in 2000, features a hybrid gasoline/electric powertrain that can cut fuel consumption and carbon dioxide production in half, and reduce harmful emissions by nearly 90%, compared to vehicles powered by conventional engines.

“The Toyota Hybrid System at the heart of every Prius allows our
customers to make an immediate contribution to reducing the impact of
automobile ownership on the environment,” said Toyota Canada Chairman, Mr. Yoshio Nakatani.

Mr. Nakatani was joined at the museum by world-renowned scientist and
environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki, who bought the first-ever Prius sold in

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