Cummins 5.0L V8 turbodiesel set for Nissan Titan could make its way into Toyota Tundra.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Toyota USA Sales CEO Kazua Ohara dropped some wishlist items for the new Tundra, and one of those was a new turbodiesel powerplant. In particular, it could be supplied by Cummins, meaning it would be the same 5.0L V8 Nissan will use in the next Titan.

Cummins is in a position to supply both Japanese automakers as it has the capacity to build the units and does not have a contract for exclusivity with Nissan. However, another option would be a diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain from Toyota’s Hino heavy truck unit.

This news is hot on the heels of General Motors announcing diesel units for their mid-size pickups and Ram equipping their 1500 model with a 3.0L diesel unit.

[Source: Bloomberg via Autoblog]

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