October 24, 2006

Toyota Canada donates $300,000 for rehabilitation clinic at Providence Healthcare in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario – A unique and innovative new patient service opens today at Providence Healthcare. The Toyota Canada Motor Skills Clinic, made possible through a $300,000 donation from Toyota Canada Inc., will help patients who have had a stroke, hip or knee fracture or a lower limb amputation get back to the activities of daily living.

The clinic recreates the real-world challenges associated with outdoor traffic and traveling on a variety of surfaces in a safe, indoor environment. Working with a therapist, patients will learn how to safely and confidently transfer in and out of a vehicle from a variety of surfaces, such as a street curb, and a variety of street surfaces such as gravel, interlock brick, grass and pavement.

Stoplight: Crossing the street can be daunting for someone adjusting to the use of a prosthetic limb, a walker, or a wheelchair. The lights on the stoplight have real-world settings that simulate how much time patients will have to cross the street. Settings can be adjusted to either shorten or lengthen the timing, which helps patients gain confidence in safely managing stoplights.

Bench on Grass Surface: Therapists help patients learn techniques on how to sit from a standing position/stand from a sitting position from a typical mall or park bench without the aid of an armrest. The grass area, graded to different levels, will help patients adjust to walking on an uneven surface.

Lighting: The lighting in the room can be adjusted to simulate daytime, evening and nighttime. This will help patients who are adjusting to the use of a prosthetic limb, a walker, or a wheelchair to navigate their way on a variety of surfaces in dim lighting.

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